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In jos

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Mesaj  Vizitato la data de Joi Mai 06, 2010 11:36 am


And wings will grow instead of stumps behind us
And our hearts will be amazed!What are they for?
And whiter than the word itself they’ll be,
For us to see… a truth of path.
And we will dare to touch our most beloved fears;defeat them,yes indeed…
Omit them,just like a man doing a good deed.
And us,alone with God we’ll be
And he will visit us,and we at Him will glaze at last
And an eternity of love we’ll feel,and what a blast!

And pitty those who wingless they’ll remain
With blackness going down their backs.
And everybodies nightmares they will know
And yet,know nothing for their soul.
And moarning time and time again,
No one will hear or comfort them-but still the darkness will embrace each one.
And God looking at them,they will not die…
And this will be their great last sin-in an eternity they’ll live,not knowing why.

And great is the eternity in sorrow and in pain.


Sus In jos


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